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Welcome to ASJ Solar Energy

ASJ SOLAR ENERGY P LIMITED is a registered company incorporated in India under the companies act 1956, as a Private Limited company in the Year April 2013. ASJ managed by Women Entrepreneur and Well qualified professional team members. We had a vision & mission to be a global, innovative and competitive Solar Energy enterprise providing total solutions to customers of Solar Energy products and services. We provide unique advantage of combined expertise in Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal and Solar Power Plants, Investment Model Plant and also We intend to be a leading Turnkey Solution provider of Solar Energy Solution in the Southern Region.

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Types of Solar Projects

Rooftop Grid Connected Solar Project

With mounting electricity bills, power cuts and shut downs - electricity offered by the government machinery continuously affects life and everyday sustenance... [ Read More ]

Carport Solar Project

Solar carports work by harnessing power from the sun and turning it into energy for your home. The roof of the carport is made out of solar panels, which generate electricity. They can generate either all or part of the energy that your home needs to run, depending on how many solar panels you use to build it. [ Read More ]

Solar Vertical Façade Product

ASJ Solar Energy Provide, BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) is still a niche application. BIPV is an integration of the solar PV system into a building’s envelope (façade). Apart from serving as a ‘skin’ to the building, the solar modules can also generate clean power in the process. [ Read More ]

Ground Mounting

Is designed to be the most cost-competitive solution for large-scale solar mounting systems, with proprietary aluminum extrusions to reduce material usage... [ Read More ]

SPV Panels

Power through fossil fuel and atomic power generation has now reached a stage where they cause immense harm to the environment in...
[ Read More ]

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